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Leaders give a clear vision of the goals to their subordinates for the better understanding of organisational direction, roles and responsibilities.

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Constant success at Viraaj Ventures has prompted us to grow a team of the most talented minds in different areas. Meet the company’s leaders and the hard-working people who deliver innovative ideas to run our businesses successfully.

Ankit Pradhan

Founder & CEO

“I can accept failure but cannot stop trying to turn it into success”, as said by Ankit Pradhan , a name that has made its fame by strong willpower and continuous persistence. Socially active by Heart and Ambitiously entrepreneur by Passion, he is truly an inspiration among youth. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is a role model for those who have mission to create their names...

Prachi Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Quality is never an accident, but is always the result of smart effort. Prachi Singh proves it right to grow business using analytical techniques and commercial technologies. A quality assurance analyst and hard-working professional; she is a multi-tasker: monitoring corrective actions, overseeing improvement procedures, communicating outcomes of quality activities, attending review meetings...

Brij Miholia


Management is truly an art; it is similar to image creation using different colors wisely. Brij Miholia, who is synonymous of planning and management, is an expert into project management, financial management and social development. Always smiling outside and profound inside, he has ability to strategize company’s business development and identify new markets. Also he is proficient into organizing...